Drinking With The AU: Kingswood Coffee - World Square (Sydney)

Kingswood Coffee is the newest addition to the World Square shopping complex and your new favourite coffeehouse. Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD, this warm and charming shop looks like it belongs in the Queen Victoria Building. It is also run by Mikey Jordan, the former owner of Barefoot Coffee Traders in Manly.

The shop itself is a small nook nestled in the modern, World Square complex. The exterior façade is actually a tribute to what was originally on the site- the Anthony Hordern Department Store, also known as the world’s largest in 1900. Jordan says he wanted to pay tribute to the landmark building so he gave the shop an old English name and fitted it out with lots of wood and old-style fixtures (including a menu printed on a mirror).

Jordan actually prefers black coffee himself and says the reason he opened the shop – which is only a few weeks old – is because there aren’t many specialty coffeehouses in the Haymarket end of town. He says: “I love the area, I love all the food and the surroundings. I think it’s a really thriving and exciting place”.

Kingswood are specialising in selling coffee. They measure every shot that goes out and they sell a house blend from Sensory Lab for their milk-based varieties. Every month they will also try out different roasters for their black, espressos and filtered coffee. This will give customers a chance to try coffee from different roasters and regions, this month it’s Marvell St from Byron Bay and Proud Mary from Melbourne.

The store also sells teas from Tea Craft and milkshakes are available in two different varieties: Belgian chocolate and salted caramel with peanut butter. For customers wanting something savoury, Kingswood also sell three different sourdough toasties, including: double-smoked leg ham with brie and mustard mayo; a fennel, salami, buffalo mozzarella and tomato chutney; and one with three cheeses with fillings provided by Salt Meats Cheese in Alexandria.

Another big drawcard for Kingswood is their sweet treats. They had cronuts for sale from >i>Brewtown Newtown but these sold out very quickly. They also have chocolate brownies, banana bread and home-made Belgian waffles to order. The latter can be ordered with icing sugar, melted Belgian chocolate or ice-cream.

the AU review tried and can highly recommend the mochas and a waffle with melted chocolate and icing sugar. We were simply in chocolate heaven. The waffle absolutely popped with warmth and flavour, the chocolate was mouth-watering and of a thick, gooey texture which went well with the firm waffle, while the icing sugar was sweet and like heavenly snowflakes. The mocha was unique to Kingswood and divine, there was a chocolate shot at the bottom which could be mixed or savoured til the very end (depending on your preference) and the coffee was the perfect dance of aroma, flavour and bittersweet glory.

According to Jordan, Kingswood Coffee is focused on quality and is about selling the kinds of things that he and his friends like to eat and drink. For this reason, the shop looks poised to be a new favourite in Sydney and the things on the menu more than speak for themselves. The final word is also best left to Jordan who says: “We’re just working hard on making nice coffee”. Indeed.

Originally posted on the AU Review